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YAO: Kintsugi - la beauté dans le chaos…

Presented by Shenkman Arts Centre and MIFO

Between slam, soul, funk and Afro sounds, YAO explores the themes of pain, resilience and hope in this personal and therapeutic show. Inspired by his new album of the same name (Kintsugi), he uses his talents as a lyricist and performer to transform his life wounds into sensory, poetic and musical immersion.

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold – thus transforming the cracks, and the object itself, into a more beautiful and stronger work of art. From the idea of making a "person kintsugi", this show will make you experience intimate moments of fragility, vulnerability and introspection; sometimes raw, sometimes brusque, but always true and authentic.

After his last show Nomade (from the album Lapsus), presented more than 150 times in 7 different countries, and awarded "Show of the Year" at the Gala Trille Or 2019, YAO offers you a little beauty in chaos with Kintsugi .

Design: YAO
Scenography and staging: YAO, Gaële & Didier Lucien
Musicians: Simon Poirier-Lachance (drums), Liviu Pavel (bass), Elijah Mansevani (guitar), Javier Chacón (keyboards)
Sound engineer: Cameron Hanes / Frédérik Hébert

Opening act : Woodney Pierre: Singer-songwriter, Woodney Pierre is a city girl, born in Montreal and raised in Toronto. 
Her music marries beautifully her Haitian roots with her love of soul music.

In 2012, she founded The Matty Jae Youth Foundation in support of mental health and suicide prevention awareness through the arts and mentorship. Singing has always been an instrument and a road to expression and communication.