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Strategic planning

Annual reports and highlights

2015-2020 Strategic plan

The need for a strategic plan was announced in May 2014, coinciding with the 5th Anniversary of the Shenkman Arts Centre. After five years, it was time to further refine, define, and develop the Shenkman Arts Centre within the creative life of Orléans and the city-at-large.

The 2015-2020 Strategic plan development was overseen by the Shenkman Arts Centre Strategic Planning Committee composed of residents, business people, artists, arts organizations, one centre staff and ward Councillor Bob Monette.

The Plan began with an in-depth public consultation: 399 participated in an online questionnaire and 60 others took the time to write and send emails. The vast majority of those participants and contributors were occasional or regular users of the Shenkman Arts Centre and other City operated arts centres. A total of 34 group working sessions were conducted for the development of the plan including resident arts partners, renters, volunteers, patrons and staff. The ultimate aim of this meticulous process was to be consultative, engaging, clearly defined, empowering, and transparent.

One year later, on May 27, 2015, the plan was revealed to stakeholders and the public. The complete plan and presentation are available for download in PDF format below.

The highlights of the Strategic plan include:

Vision statement for 2015-2020

By 2020, the Shenkman Arts Centre will be a place where the combined efforts of a growing number of partners will enrich the cultural and artistic experiences of a broader spectrum of Orléans and the city at large.

Global Goals for 2015-2020

  1. Preserve and strengthen the financial and human resources of the centre in order to maintain its success.
  2. Enrich the programming offered inside and outside the centre in order to provide a broader range of cultural and artistic activities that reach a population quickly changing in its social and demographic profile.
  3. Establish a formal, inclusive, and collaborative governance structure and service delivery model to support and reflect the enhanced programming of diverse cultural activities in the building, its outdoor spaces and the neighbourhood.
  4. Attract new partners to increase the centre’s capacity to participate in the neighbourhood’s cultural, artistic, community and commercial life.
  5. Improve the efficiency of the centre’s building and outdoor spaces as well as their capacity to accommodate enhanced, and varied cultural and artistic programming.
  6. Improve the centre’s communication capacity to increase awareness around its cultural and artistic programming.

Implementation phase has begun

The Community Leadership Team has been formed with the following members:

  • Anik Bouvrette, Artistic Director, Tara Luz Danse
  • Pierrette Boisvert, Board President, Théâtre du Village
  • Tannis Vine, Executive Director, Heart of Orléans Business Improvement Association
  • Anne Gutknecht, Artistic Director, MIFO
  • Kathi Langston, Artistic Director, Ottawa School of Theatre
  • Qamar Masood, President, Multicultural Association of Orléans
  • Caroline Matt, Portfolio Manager, City of Ottawa Cultural Funding
  • Natasha Mudrinic, Stage Crew Volunteer, Shenkman Arts Centre, City of Ottawa
  • Caroline Obeid, Artistic Producer and Manager, Shenkman Arts Centre, City of Ottawa (Co-chair)
  • Andrea Crosley, Administration Officer, Ottawa School of Art - Orléans Campus
  • Catherine Priestman, President of CP Business Solutions
  • Yasmina Proveyer, Manager, MDA Productions
  • Stella Ronan, General Manager, Arts Network Ottawa (Co-chair)
  • Rosemary Swan, Artistic Director, Gloucester Pottery School
  • Ravinder Tumber, Owner, Host of India; Board Member of Orléans Chamber of Commerce

If you are interested, please fill out the Expression of Interest Form and submit it to

Community Consultative Group Meeting Minutes:

Annual reports

Volunteers sought for committee participation

Looking for innovative individuals who live in Ottawa and have strong leadership and organizational skills that wish to take an active role in implementing the Shenkman Arts Centre’s new 5-year strategic plan.

Looking for individuals to join the following Implementation Teams:

  • Volunteer
  • Programming and Community Partnership
  • Communications, Audience Development and Corporate Partnerships
  • Building and Asset Development
  • Diversity

Positions will be held for three years with 4 meetings per year. Committee members must be able to work collaboratively, be resourceful, and be respectful of others. Bilingualism preferred.

Your application will be reviewed by a Selection Committee and positions will be awarded based on skills, experience, diversity and competencies necessary to deliver the actions of this plan.

To submit your candidacy, please fill out the Expression of Interest Form and submit it to For more information, please contact Caroline Obeid at or 613-580-2424 extension 24387.