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Pillar Society: Former CIA Chief of Disguise Jonna Mendez

Presented by Pillar Society Speakers Series

In the captivating world of intelligence, espionage, and covert operations, Jonna Mendez’s speeches immerse audiences into the adventures of an international spy.

Starting as a secretary at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Mendez eventually rose to the position of Chief of Disguise. In the best- selling author’s next book (publication: March 2024), In True Face, A Woman’s Life in the CIA, Unmasked, she inspires with tales of intrigue.

Through her experiences, Mendez witnessed firsthand the toll of a gendered culture, not only on the women working within the agency but also on its overall mission and the nation it serves. Now retired after dedicating 27 years of her life to the CIA, she emerges as a pioneer who defied the prevailing sexism of her time.

On the page and on stage, Mendez tells her riveting, courageous story of being a female spy at the CIA during the height of the Cold War.