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Andrew Cassara - Encore broadcast

Presented by Encore Ottawa

Describing Andrew Cassara’s style in words doesn’t do it justice. Hearing and feeling his music are really the only ways to fully appreciate the 24-year-old Ottawa-based artist’s singular blend of funk, disco and pop. Fuelled by influences ranging from Shawn Mendes to the Bee Gees and artists like Jamiroquai – who, like Cassara, blur stylistic lines fluidly – Cassara’s debut album, Freak on Repeat, may sound familiar, but it’s absolutely impossible to pigeonhole.

Tune in on RogersTV Channel 22 (cable & free streaming) to watch this performance.

Filmed at the Shenkman Arts Centre in fall 2020, Encore Ottawa set the stage for 16 #ottmusic acts to record a live set with professional crew support and hyper-safe working conditions with respect to COVID-19. These live tapings adhered to the health and safety guidelines of Ottawa Public Health and the Province of Ontario at all times. View Encore Ottawa Production Safety notes.

About Encore Ottawa

Produced by the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition in partnership with Rogers TV, Apartment613, Shenkman Arts Centre and Meridian Theatres @ Centrepointe, Encore Ottawa is a unique collaboration between non-profit organizations, local arts media, and the City of Ottawa; made possible thanks to Ontario Creates and the Ottawa Music Development Fund.

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