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Harea Band

Presented by Encore Ottawa

Harea Band was first conceived in the practice rooms of the Carleton University music department. Led by singer and songwriter Alex Harea, this group of young creatives has carved out their own style of pop, funk, and R&B which is simultaneously very catchy and musically interesting. The group takes inspiration from pop legends such as Prince, Justine Timberlake, and Michael Jackson while borrowing compositional devices from jazz, gospel, and hip-hop music.

Tune in on RogersTV Channel 22 (cable & free streaming) to watch this performance.

Filmed at the Shenkman Arts Centre in fall 2020, Encore Ottawa set the stage for 16 #ottmusic acts to record a live set with professional crew support and hyper-safe working conditions with respect to COVID-19. These live tapings adhered to the health and safety guidelines of Ottawa Public Health and the Province of Ontario at all times. View Encore Ottawa Production Safety notes.

About Encore Ottawa

Produced by the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition in partnership with Rogers TV, Apartment613, Shenkman Arts Centre and Meridian Theatres @ Centrepointe, Encore Ottawa is a unique collaboration between non-profit organizations, local arts media, and the City of Ottawa; made possible thanks to Ontario Creates and the Ottawa Music Development Fund.

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