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World Music: Stick&Bow - All the Madmen

Presented by Shenkman Arts Centre and Axé Worldfest

Over the past five years, Stick&Bow has gained worldwide attention for their unique arrangements, passionate performances, storytelling and technical mastery. Their latest program, All the Madmen features works recently commissioned by the duo as well as their own new original arrangements. It showcases composers from different origins whose music has had a transformational impact on society. 

All the Madmen explores a wide palette of repertoire and styles, including pieces from the jazz, tango and classical tradition as well as contemporary works. It constantly pushes the technical limits of what a marimba and cello can do together. All the Madmen is a program about powerful music and poignant stories, featuring composers, such as Beethoven and Nina Simone, who imagined different musical universes; it is about people who transformed their art and reshaped their genres such as Piazzolla and Bowie.

All the Madmen includes works by living composers, from Canada and abroad, who are rethinking music by writing for this unusual instrumental combination, instruments with different stories and traditions but which together, have an infinite sonic and artistic potential.