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Richcraft Theatre: Technical Specifications

Sound, staging, rigging and dimension specifications

The Richcraft Theatre

The Richcraft Theatre is an intimate black box space which offers flexibility in its uses and configurations. It features acoustic treatment as well as a moveable catwalk, lighting stock plot, sprung floor and a covered pit.


International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)

Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)
Civic Institute of Professional Personnel (CIPP)

General Information

Non-Profit organizations have access to the Shenkman Volunteer Stage Crew. In the absence of a volunteer an IATSE union technician will be hired and charged back at the applicable rate. The Licensee shall provide the Volunteer Stage Crew with appropriate meals and cold refreshments during the engagement. If not provided, a meal buy-out of $20.00 per volunteer will be charged upon settlement.

Haze and Smoke
Productions using haze and smoke must inform the Shenkman Arts Centre (SAC) in advance of their event. All productions using haze and smoke are required to engage a Stage Door Attendant.

Productions using pyrotechnic special effects must apply for and receive a permit in accordance with City Of Ottawa bylaw services and obtain authorization from the SAC, and the Fire Chief of the City of Ottawa. Operators must hold appropriate certification from the Explosive Regulatory Division of the Natural Resources of Canada.

Open Flame
The City of Ottawa has a No Open Flame policy.

All firearms, including replica firearms, must be handled in accordance with federal legislation.

Maximum Sound Levels
Sound levels are to be below 95 dB in order to be at a safe level for the patrons.

No video and/or audio recording is permitted without prior approval from the SAC. Additional fees may apply. For full details on audio and video recording, please consult the Audio and Video Recording Guidelines.

Occupational Health & Safety
Smoking is not permitted at the Shenkman Arts Centre.
Steel toes and hard hats are mandatory during set-ups and strikes in accordance with Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) regulations.
Fall protection is mandatory in accordance with MOL regulations.


Stage Surface
Masonite painted black over plywood sprung floor. Screwing into the floor is not permitted.

Playing Area 
Width: 9.1m (30’)
Depth: 7.3m (24’)

Room Dimensions 
Width: 18m (60’)
Depth: 20m (65’)

Area Inside Curtain Tracks
Width: 15.2m (50’)
Depth: 18.9m (62’)

Loading Dock to Stage
Maximum Width: 2.36m (7’9”)
Maximum Height: 2.69m (8’10”)

Seating options

Seating Capacity: 162 - 178 Flexible Seating

The Richcraft Theatre’s seating system is made up of risers, steps and railings. The risers can be set-
up in any configuration to suit the needs of a production. The seating system must be restored at the production’s expense if any changes are made. This expense may exceed the cost of the rental.


1 Rolling Gantry
Rolling Gantry is manually operated. Main PA, 1 set of legs and a border are all
hung off the gantry.

Grid Heights
Catwalk Railing Height: 9.4m (31’0”)
Fixed Grid Height: 10.3m (33’9”)
Roof Truss Height: 10.7m (35’0”)


House Curtain
No House Curtain

4 – Black, 0% fullness, 48’w x 4’h

8 – Black, 0% fullness, 12’w 33’6” h
* 1 set of legs cut to fit under gantry

Back Drop (on tracks)
4 – Black, 0% fullness, 12’w x 31’h

Side Masking (on tracks)
12 – Black, 0% fullness, 12’w x 24’6”h

1 – Black scrim, 47’9”w x 33’h 
1 – White scrim, 47’9”w x 33’h


The mix position is located in the booth. The house audio console can be moved into the house but must be restored at the production’s expense following the production.

FOH Speakers
4 – Meyer UPA-1P (Left/ Right)
2 – Meyer USW-1P (Subwoofers)

4 – EAW SM200iH (Monitors)
2 – Crest CA-9 (Amplifier for monitors 500w/channel @8 ohms)

FOH Console & Playback
1 – Yamaha LS9-32
1 – Denon DN-D4500MK2 (Dual CD Player)
2 – DBX 2231 (1/3 Octave 31 band stereo equalizer)

3x Shure SM58 4x Shure Beta 57
2x BSS AR-133 (Active DI boxes)

Intercom System
6 – Clearcom RS-601 beltpacks (1 channel) 
6 – Clearcom CC-95 headsets (single muff)

Assistive Listening System
Listen Technologies LT-800-216-1-14-3 Wide Band FM Transmitter – 216 MHz

Power specifications

Contact us for the Power Distribution drawing.


The Richcraft Theatre is equipped with a house lighting plot. The house lighting plot must be restored at the production’s expense if any changes are made.

1 – ETC Ion 1000
2 – FADW2X10 Fader Wings

96 – 20A, 2.4K ETC dimmers, All wired dimmer per circuit

Booms, Floorplates & Hazer
All lighting accessories are shared with Harold Shenkman Hall. Please contact SAC for availability.

Lighting Inventory
The lighting inventory is indicated on the house lighting plot. Additional lights may be available from Harold Shenkman Hall. Please contact us for availability.
For complete lighting inventory and plot, contact us.


The Richcraft Theatre is equipped with a stock projector and rear projection screen. The projection screen is self-supporting and can be moved to suit the needs of the production.

1 – Hitachi CP-BW301WN (3000 Lumen LCD Projector)
Native WXGA 1280x800 resolution, can display 480i, 480p, 576i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p
Inputs: HDMI, VGA and RCA
Short Throw Rear Projector

1 – Asus Notebook F556U (Laptop) 
1 – Sony BDPS300 (DVD Player)
1 – Adapter Kit VGA or HDMI--SDI--HDMI

Projection Screen
1 – Rear Projection Screen, 10’ x 7’6”, Draper, Rear-Projection Screen with dress kit 
1 – Front Projection Screen, 20’ x 20’, Motorized, hung US behind drape at centre.
Client must provide their own projector with the front projection screen.


Dressing Rooms
2 – Large dressing rooms with dressing tables, mirrors, clothing racks, showers, toilets and sinks Microwave Oven , Coffee Maker & Mini Fridge

Loading Dock
1 – All shows should load-in through the NORTH LOADING DOCK.

There is free parking behind the Shenkman Arts Centre.

Shared Equipment between Harold Shenkman Hall & Richcraft Theatre

The following equipment is shared between Harold Shenkman Hall and the Richcraft Theatre. Please contact the Shenkman Arts Centre for equipment availability.


9’ Steinway “D” Concert Grand Piano


65 - Wenger Black Orchestra Chairs 40 - Black Music Stands
30 - Music Stand Lights

Choir Risers

7 – Wenger Tourmaster 6’, 3-Step Units with railings, maximum occupancy: 84 Adults / 112 Students

Wireless Microphones & Receivers

8 – Sennheiser SKM 5000U (Handheld microphones with KM105 S capsules)
8 – Sennheiser SK5212 (Belt-pack transmitter with Lav mics MKE1 omni)
4 – Sennheiser EM-3732-4 (UHF dual receivers)

Audio Equipment

3 – TC Electronics M-One XL (Dual Effects Processor)
1 – DBX 1046 (Quad Compressor) 1 – DBX 1074 (Quad Noise Gate)
3 – BSS MSR 604/602 Active Signal Splitter (Media Feed)

Audio Snakes

1 – Box, 12 inputs Digiflex
2 – Box, 12/4, 50’ Digiflex
2 – Splay, 16xlrm-xlrf, 100’, Digiflex
1 – Box, 24/8, 100’ Rapco


Scène Platto Risers
10 – 4’ x 4’ Risers

Scène Platto Legs (4 per Riser)
40 Legs @ 6”, 40 Legs @ 12”, 40 Legs @ 18”, 12 Legs @ 36”

Wenger Versalite Risers
3 – 4’ x 8’ Risers
4 – 4’ x 6’ Risers
1 – 4’ x 7’9” Riser Wenger Legs (6 per Riser)
36 Legs @ 12”, 36 Legs @ 24”

Dance Floor

Reversible Black / Gray
5 Rolls 2m (6’6 ¾”) x 15m (49’ ½”)
1 Roll 2m (6’6 ¾”) x 12.2m (40’)


1 – Wooden Podium, 49”H x 30”W x 23”D
1 – Contemporary podium, 48”H x 28” W x 20”D

Other Furniture

10 Metal Stools
6 Black Tables 6’ x 2’6”