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The Original Wailers

Presented by Shenkman Arts Centre Presents

No Woman, No Cry and Three O’Clock Road Block are titles instantly recognizable. Al Anderson was the amazing lead guitarist for these Bob Marley classics and introduced the world to the Wailers. Andersons’ musical achievements with Bob Marley & The Wailers include the platinum award winning albums, Live at the Lyceum, Babylon by Bus and ten times platinum album Legend. The Original Wailers received their own Grammy nomination in 2013 for their album Miracle.

Anderson is the sole member of the Bob Marley & The Wailers mid-1970s lineup. Today, the legacy is kept alive with band members Chet Samuel (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Omar Lopez (Bass Guitar), Paapa Nyarkoh (Drums), and Adrian AK Cisneros (Keyboards and Organ) joining Anderson.