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Matinée Café: Junkyard Symphony, Symphony for Seniors

Presented by Shenkman Arts Centre and MASC

Enjoy an hour of live performance with coffee and treats after the show.

Junkyard Symphony demonstrates how we can rejuvenate our youthfulness simply by playing, using all sort of instruments and props fabricated from junk.
Each participant is given a reused instrument to help feed the rhythm and the most spirited ones will be called upon to come centre stage. As Gloria Estefan said, “The rhythm is going to get you.” and it most certainly will!

Junkyard Symphony is an eco-entertainment company (eco standing for ecological and economical), that reuses junk to service all kinds of events for all ages. What do they do with all this junk? They do many things with junk but are best known for their amazing junk/percussion/comedy/circus shows and workshops.