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Machine de cirque: Robot infidèle

Presented by MIFO

Alone in his workshop, a labourer is toiling away to convert everyday objects from their primary function into something new. His exploration efforts take him on a quest to find balance between productivity and creativity. But is he really alone in the workshop? The presence of two beings who represent different facets of his personality appear in the form of versatile musicians and become faithful accomplices. Throughout the show, space and objects undergo a transformation. At the heart of this world of artifacts are wheels, a hat conveyor, a lamp post, a ladder and a bicycle. As he calls into question his view of the world, the labourer relearns the laws of physics by constantly shifting between taking and losing control. Object theatre, physical engagement, and inventive diversions are the essence of Robot infidèle, a production that breaks loose from the spectacular by sublimating the creativity of the artists on stage.