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SOLD OUT: Notre comédie musicale - Les Chansonniers d'Ottawa

Presented by Les Chansonniers d'Ottawa

50th Anniversary Show

In 1974, a musical adventure was launched by Gilles Julien and his wife Françoise Delisle-Julien. Originally a religious choir, the group has evolved towards a folk repertoire complimented by choreographic notes. What a path Les Chansonniers have travelled, sharing hundreds of shows and scenes with big names such as Édith Butler,
Gilles Vigneault, Renée Claude, Robert Paquette, and Paul Demers.

Through its music, the Troupe has spread the French culture, in the Ottawa area, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec. In 2006, François Julien, son of Gilles and Françoise, assumed the role of musical director. His son, Christian, meets the challenge of sharing the musical direction in 2017. Les Chansonniers d’Ottawa will once again return to the Shenkman Arts Centre where the walls will resonate with their passion and energy to celebrate 50 years of song and dance creations under the direction and inspiration of Gilles, François and Christian and under the choreographic direction of Monique Cuierrier assisted by Claire McArdle. You will have the opportunity to relive “our” history through musicals adapted from various shows.

This is a rendez-vous you will want to attend!

Discounted tickets for guests 30 years and younger available over the phone or in person only. Quantities are limited.

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