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Je suis un produit

Presented by MIFO

Jihane, a Moroccan immigrant in her forties, settles down in Quebec and is struggling to finding a job. She finally lands a position in a marketing firm, managed by Jeff, a president who never backs down from anything to reach his goals—both when it comes to signing contracts and re-conquering his ex, a trendy entrepreneur.

In this dark comedy, Simon Boudreault highlights the ubiquity of marketing in our lives, criticizing the world that is constantly being represented, prepared to do anything to shine and become popular. The author also gives his thoughts on the tenacious prejudices related to a person’s culture, age or gender and on our relationship with image, which, more than ever, is tainted by the proliferation of social media.

Text and direction: Simon Boudreault
Performers: Éloi ArchamBaudoin, Alexandre Daneau, Louis-Olivier Mauffette, Houda Rihani and Catherine Ruel
Production: Simoniaques Théâtre

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