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Alone on stage, a woman relates how she is waiting to be transferred to a seniors’ residence with her husband whose health is failing. The arrival of a drug addict, lurking mysteriously on her doorstep, emphasizes her vulnerability, and also her solitude, when confronted with various invasions of her private life and with the administrative challenges of the healthcare system. With humour, anger and determination, she refuses to let age, circumstances or the system destroy her dignity and her love for her husband.

Joan MacLeod’s Another Home Invasion (Intrusions in it’s French translation) was nominated for a Governor General’s Award in 2009. The play sheds light on a subject too often neglected; the way our society abandons the elderly when they are most in need of help.

Production: Théâtre de la Vieille 17 and Théâtre populaire d'Acadie
Text: Joan MacLeod
Translation: Marie-Thé Morin
Directed by : Geneviève Pineault
With: Marie-Thé Morin