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Guylaine Tremblay: J’sais pas comment, j’sais pas pourquoi

Presented by MIFO

Guylaine Tremblay offers a peek into the world of Yvon Deschamps. In this very intimate project that she has cherished for a very long time, Guylaine embraces the lyrics and music of Yvon Deschamps in J’sais pas comment, j’sais pas pourquoi. This project has been in burning her heart for a very long time. It is a way of telling her story that takes inventory of pivotal moments in her life with great affection and admiration of Yvon Deschamps. With carte blanche in hand from the great poet himself, Guylaine Tremblay gives a performance in words and songs of the formidable Yvon Deschamps, teacher of life that influenced her and many more.
The staging is entrusted to the acclaimed Michel Poirier and the musical direction to the renowned Jean Fernand Girard.