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Guelaguetza - tradition mexicaine

Presented by Agora de la culture mexicaine à Montréal

Music, singing, and dance are part of Mexico's daily life.

In fact, Mexican culture cannot be conceived without the presence of these disciplines. La Guelaguetza, an event celebrated each year in July, summarizes these elements in its traditional cultural and folkloric festival in the Oaxaca region. This colorful and vibrant event brings together diverse indigenous communities in the region. Each showcasing their unique customs and traditions that are an expression of their cultural richness, highlighting the heritage that has endured over the centuries and promoting unity and solidarity between its people. Let yourself be indulged by the rhythms and colors of a lively and captivating culture in this distinctive event that will be presented only once in this city.

Experience Mexican culture up close accompanied by the Mexican Ballet of Montreal and directly from Mexico, the musical group Banda Azul from the state of Oaxaca.

Artistic direction : Gildo Galeana
Photo credit : Horacio Zamora / Areli Gómez

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