Two public art commissions are featured at Shenkman Arts Centre as permanent art installations:
Resonance by MAskull Lasserre

Maskull Lasserre


This contemplative sculpture, adorns the Agora Minto-Orléans outdoor plaza. Lasserre’s sculpture consists of an upright piano made from hammered bronze and stainless steel accompanied by a partially carved piano stool in a limestone boulder. Both the piano and the boulder rest on a concrete pad in the shape of a stage. According to the artist, the stage encourages patrons to “participate in the work as a site of material meditation, or as a permanent prop in an outdoor performance.” A bronze and stainless steel reproduction of the original boulder also rests on the plaza surface just off to the side.

Adrian Göllner

Stand by Adrian Göllner


Stand adorns the front glazed façade of the Shenkman Arts Centre and uses coloured glass and light to enhance the Centre’s sense of identity. As the new hub for cultural activities in Orléans the building itself is an artistic statement, which is reflected in Göllner’s installation. The vivid colours and patterns of the façade commemorate the stand of trees that once graced the site and evoke an abstract theme of seasonal change. Given its colourful yet translucent panels the spectators’ reading of the glass continually shifts with the changing light.


“The display of colours proclaims that this is a place for the arts without indicating a preference for one art over another.” Adrian Göllner