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Flute Siva - Live In Concert

Presented by Ottawa Sangeet

Get ready to experience the captivating melodies of Flute Siva in a mesmerizing live concert.

Join us for an unforgettable musical journey through the evocative soundscapes of Indian cinema. With a massive online following of 310,000+ subscribers and an astonishing 50+ million channel views, Flute Siva brings his exceptional talent from the digital realm to the grand stage, presenting a concert that will leave you spellbound.

Building upon the success of orchestrating the charity concert CineMusiq, featuring legendary singers SP Balasubhramanyam and KS Chitra, Flute Siva now invites you to witness a remarkable showcase of powerful, meditative, and orchestral renditions. Supported by an exceptional band including three Juno Award winners: Don Stewart on bass guitar, Terence Woode on trombone, and Jan Morgan on trumpet. Other band members include Thibisan B on Keyboard/Piano, Suren T on Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Vetri on Drums, Bosco on Drum Pads and Yathavan on Tabla.

Prepare to be enraptured by their captivating performances!