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Esencia Flamenca

Presented by NP Entertainment

NP Entertainment is proud to announce The Esencia Flamenco Canada Tour 2024 starring the Castro Romero flamenco dynasty. This mesmerizing production was created by the Castro Romero siblings, recognized as some of the best flamenco dancers and choreographers in Spain. They have enjoyed international recognition, performing on the most prestigious stages of the world: The American Ballet, Paris Opera, and The Royal Ballet, among many others. In 2008, the Castro Romero brothers were awarded the Spanish National Prize for Cultura Viva dance.

The raw emotion and fiery intensity of rhythm that defines flamenco are brought to another level by these extraordinary performers, whose passion for flamenco is passed on through generations. The show is the perfect synergy of exquisite choreography, masterful cante, and mesmerizing music expressing the essence of flamenco at its finest. Esencia Flamenco Canada Tour 2024 has its shows planned for Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, and Vancouver with one show only in each city.

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