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Deux femmes en or

Presented by MIFO

On maternity leave and haunted by a strange noise that only she seems to hear, Violette decides to ask her neighbour Florence about it. Florence, who is off work, has decided to stop taking her antidepressants. New friends whose spouses are absent, unfaithful or simply “out of the picture”, they decide to break the monotony of everyday life and explore pleasure on their own! How far will their quest for freedom take them?

Catherine Léger brings us a free, contemporary adaptation of the sex comedy written in 1970 by Claude Fournier and Marie-José Raymond. The author highlights the double standard that still weighs on women who decide to experience their sexuality freely. The play also offers a reflection on boredom and the pressure of the perfect family that today’s mothers have to deal with. What if delinquency was a means to happiness and freedom?

Text: Catherine Léger
Adapted from the screenplay by Claude Fournier and Marie-José Raymond
Director: Philippe Lambert
With Isabelle Brouillette, Sophie Desmarais, Steve Laplante and Mathieu Quesnel
Assistant director: Marie-Hélène Dufort
Set design: Jean Bard
Costumes and props: Audrée Villeneuve
Lighting: Martin Sirois
Music: Ludovic Bonnier
A La Manufacture production