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BREATH #WomenofWater

Presented by Tessellate Collective

BREATH , #WOMENOFWATER is a multimedia immersive art installation that uses portraiture, video and projection mapping through storytelling to honour and celebrate the contributions of Black and Indigenous women in our community.

We are artists that advocate for societal change for the equal and radical inclusion of Black and Indigenous women, with a passion to use art as a tool to create social revolutions. We look forward to having you join us for our first installation of BREATH, #WomenofWater, as we celebrate 13 Black and Indigenous women contributing to the growth and wellbeing of our communities.

Our goal is to create a window into their perspectives, and emphasize the contributions they make towards society.


Adrienne Coddett, Community Activist, Radio Host, Educator and Founder of 3Dreads and a Baldhead

Alicia-Marie LeJour, Community Activist and Co-founder of the Ottawa Black Diaspora Coalition

Dawn Iehstoseranón:nha (She Keeps the Feathers) Setford Francis, President and Founder of the Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada

Debbie Owusu-Akyeeah, Community Activist and Executive Director of the Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD)

Frankie Pasapa, Cultural Program Coordinator at Minwaashin Lodge

Gabrielle Fayant, Co-founder of the Assembly of Seven Generations

Jenny (Sâwanohk) Sutherland, Founder and Owner of Misiwe Ni Relations Healing Lodge

Jo-Anne Bryan, Deaf Artist, Community Activist, ASL Consultant and Interpreter

Paula MacDonald, Deaf Interpreter, Community Activist and Webinar Coordinator at Canadian Association of the Deaf

Resa Solomon-St. Lewis, Founder, Baccanalle and Co-Founder, Afrotechture

Sado Ibrahim, Community Health Worker at the Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre

Shery Alexander Heinis, Poet, writer and Co-founder/President, In Our Tongues

With Special Guest Performances

Anaïs Cardot, Soul artist
KAR33M, Afro-Soul artist

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