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SOLD OUT: Boucar Diouf: Nomo Sapiens

Presented by MIFO

The human is the animal that pushes the boundaries of knowledge while also proving to the rest of creation that its stupidity is limitless. In these times when artificial intelligence is gradually bringing us back to a new form of natural stupidity, in this fifth show, Boucar questions the place of our species on the planet.

Why are we so smart and dumb at the same time? Is our species as unique in the animal world as we think? Are there things to learn from the great apes to improve gender equality in our societies? Nomo Sapiens "between Homo and Nono Sapiens", is a humorous journey to the heart of the strengths and flaws of our great intelligence. While it's true that dying of laughter is good for brain health, you'll leave this show with a lighter mind and a fuller heart.