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Blackbeard the Pirate

Presented by Missoula Children's Theatre Orleans

This is a community event for the children of the Missoula Children's Theatre to showcase the performance they’ve worked on as part of their program

What starts as a lazy day at the beach quickly turns into mystery and adventure when the search for Blackbeard’s treasure begins!

Tales both past and present launch a group of Beach Bums to action in search of untold riches. Before our tale is told, a cast of colorful characters begin to reveal the secrets of Blackbeard’s amazing treasure. Can we trust a group of crabby Crabs or melodious Mermaids? Do the scary Seaweed Creatures or savvy Sailors know where “X” marks the spot? Will the precocious Parrots or cantankerous Crocodiles lead the way? And just who is Jolly Rodger and how does he know Sam the Clam!? Most of all, where has Blackbeard and his crew hidden their legendary treasure?

Grab some sunscreen, come on down to the beach and get ready to solve the mystery of BLACKBEARD THE PIRATE!


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