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Against The Wind - The Ultimate Bob Seger Experience

Presented by Against The Wind

If you are looking for a sentimental and emotional musical adventure, look no further than ATW. Their ultra-professional ride down memory lane will inspire and put you in the rock-n-roll frame of mind, spreading the Seger fever to sold-out audiences.

Each performance is injected with inspirational fuel that fully immerses old and new fans, taking you inside the Bob Seger cultural landscape, celebrating a backdrop of timeless memories while directing the audience on a participated sing-along journey, bringing music lovers to their feet, dancing in the aisles as they remember that Rock and Roll Never Forgets.

Just take those old records off the shelf as you engage in Old Time Rock n Roll, after all, We've Got Tonight as the Night Moves, and they Let It Rock. You'll Accomp'ny Me to Nutbush City Limits, to Hollywood Nights even when we Get Out of Denver, Shinin’ Brightly in Katmandu. Yet we're Still the Same, a Travelin’ Man, a Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man down on Mainstreet, as we watch Her Strut, getting to Turn the Page… Against the Wind.