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Shenkman Arts Centre is home to six visual arts exhibition spaces as well as public art installations. Works by a diverse set of local, regional and national artists are exhibited throughout the Centre. Admission to all of the galleries is free. Meet the artists at monthly receptions. Consult our Events Calendar for details.
AOE Gallery

The Exhibition Space at Arts Network Ottawa showcases visual art by emerging and professional artists who are members with Arts Network Ottawa. The office space doubles as a gallery and is equally suitable for readings, gatherings, meetings and presentations. Individual, duo, and artist collectives show their work here in 2D and 3D mediums. Arts Network Ottawa provides the space to local artists so they can add to their exhibition experience, to sell their work and have conversations with the community.

Open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm
Open on select Sundays for Meet the Artist, 1 pm to 3 pm

Trinity Art Gallery banner

Owned and operated by the City of Ottawa, the Trinity Art Gallery features the works of local and regional artists in two exhibition salons. Artists are selected through an annual peer assessment process. For submission information go to Trinity Art Gallery Salons A and B are located on the Lower Level of the Shenkman Arts Centre.

SAC-Trinity-Salon_A-Tina Petrovicz 160px
Tina Petrovicz: Surroundings: perceptions and impressions
October 24 to November 26, 2019

Perceptions of our surroundings in a time of visual hyper-stimuli and changing interactions. Splicing and layering parts of her compositions, Tina Petrovicz creates constructed scenes in intaglio prints and animated devices.
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SAC-Trinity-Salon_A-Danielle Dumas
Danielle Dumas: People and the City
November 28, 2019 to January 7, 2020

I look at the city and its inhabitants and I see an energy that lends itself well to painting. Purely cerebral observation moves towards the physical and visual observation of the individual, whose multitude forms this collective that we call our society.
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SAC-Trinity-Salon_A-Danielle Beaulieu
Danielle Beaulieu: Blast from the Past
January 9 to February 11, 2020

As life becomes more complicated, antiques remind us of simpler times. The common items we find in antique shops are often overlooked by many people. These hold mysterious knowledge waiting patiently to be revealed. This exhibition will give a renewed life to the old often forgotten objects.
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SAC-Trinity A-Arteast-160px
Arteast: Mosaic
February 13 to March 17, 2020

Member artists, from the beginner to the professional, were encouraged to submit their best two and three dimensional works to this recurring juried exhibition. The selected works display the diverse talents of the Arteast membership.
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Trinity Art Gallery - Salon B

SAC-Trinity-Salon_B-Renée Gagné
Renée Gagné: On Country Roads
October 24 to November 26, 2019

Concepts and context are formed by applying vibrant oil colours in a new and original technique to express the beauty of rural scenes. With old houses, farm animals and fields of flowers, her aim is to capture a moment, a movement, but most of all an emotion.
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SAC-Trinity-Salon_B-Carrie Brummer
Carrie Brummer: Anonymous Woman
November 28, 2019 to January 7, 2020

Anonymous Woman is a collection of artworks portraying unknown women from historical moments. They were photographed and documented, but no one found it important to share their names. This series uses traditionally female materials like embroidery and gold leaf to honour their memory.
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SAC-Trinity-Salon_B-Johan Voordouw
Johan Voordouw: New Image of Home
January 9 to February 11, 2020

Johan Voordouw’s work explores new hybrid modes of architectural representation. New Image of Home is the product of two years of research. Johan's serigraphs comment on and question architectural photography and their depiction of the contemporary home.
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SAC-Trinity A-Arteast-160px
Arteast: Mosaic
February 13 to March 17, 2020

Member artists, from the beginner to the professional, were encouraged to submit their best two- and three-dimensional works to this recurring juried exhibition. The selected works display the diverse talents of the Arteast membership.
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Gloucester Pottery School – Dust Evans Gallery

The Dust Evans Gallery, located on the lower lobby of the Shenkman Arts Centre, is operated by the Gloucester Pottery School. Each year the work of six professional artists who sculpt in clay is featured. Most exhibiting artists also give workshops in the school’s studio.

SAC-Dust Evans-Don Cormier 170px
SAC-Dust Evans-Leta Cormier 170px

Upcoming exhibitions

Don and Leta Cormier
October 18 to December 11, 2019

Teresa Wingar
December 13, 2019 to February 12, 2020

Raymond Warren
February 14 to April 15, 2020

Vanessa Villarreal
April 17, 2020 to June 10, 2020

Bill Reddick
June 12, 2020 to August 12, 2020

Mike Doxey
August 14, 2020 to October 14, 2020

Michelle Mendlowitz
October 16, 2020 to December 9, 2020 
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OSA Header

On the Centrum Level of the Shenkman Arts Centre, Ottawa School of Art-Orléans Campus Gallery features a broad range of works by local, national and international artists. Please note that this gallery is closed on Sundays.

Promenade Arteast

The City of Ottawa and community arts organizations own visual arts spaces for exhibiting artwork. They are operated and programmed by the community arts organizations. Promenade Arteast features works by members of Arteast on the lower level of Shenkman Arts Centre.

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LaLande + Doyle Exhibition Space

The LaLande + Doyle exhibition space in the lower lobby area at Shenkman Arts Centre features touring (mostly national, but some international) exhibitions of an artistic nature, embassies promoting artists with origins in their countries, festivals, special events and other short-term exhibitions. 

SACP - Baz'Art 2019 - 170px
November 23 to December 12, 2019

Baz’Art is more than a weekend event. Part of this annual tradition is an exhibition and sale of smaller (and very affordable) works by visual artists from across the region. Photography, painting, fibre art and more are for sale.

Baz’Art 2019 visual artists include:
Karen Bell
Erin Beneteau
Valerie Burton
Vasko DeLev
Danielle Dumas
Linda Dyson
Richard Hutton
Hélène Lepage
Eileen McKeown
Karen Miller
Artists of Ottawa Independent Living Resource Centre
Lissa Rachelle
Philip Ross
Barbara J. Sohn
Daniel St-Cyr
Diane Washam
Stephanie Wellman
Robin Whitford
Corinna Yannoulopoulos
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