Unis TV Opening Night—Festival Objectif Cinéma Desjardins

Presented by: MIFO

November 4, 2019, at 6 pm

Schedule for the Unis TV Opening Night
6 p.m.: Opening cocktail reception at the Shenkman Arts Centre
7:30 p.m.: Opening film at Ciné Starz Orléans Cocktail Reception at the Shenkman Arts Centre

Free admission.

All welcome! Before watching the festival’s opening film, come enjoy the work of the finalists in the student short film competition while enjoying a bite with cinema lovers from the Ottawa region. No ticket is required to attend the opening cocktail reception. In addition: Students from the CEAO’s cinema and television program will shoot a short film during the cocktail reception, using a slow-motion effect.

Opening film at Ciné Starz Orléans Les fleurs oubliés, presented in collaboration with Québec Cinéma Synopsis: The story revolves around a meeting between Albert Payette, a beekeeper who produces “l’hydromel des fleurs oubliées,” a highly popular honey wine, and Brother Marie-Victorin, who returns to Earth in 2019 because he finds heaven insufferably boring. It is the start of a wonderfully colourful friendship.


Director: André Forcier

Cast: Roy Dupuis, Yves Jacques, Christine Beaulieu

Length: 1 hour 42 minutes

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Venue: Lower Lobby Reception Space
Genre: Film, Special Event, Community

November 04 at 6:00 pm