Jean-Michel Anctil – JE4N-MICHEL

Presented by: MIFO and Desjardins

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at 8 pm

Jean-Michel Anctil’s fourth one-man show, JE4N-MICHEL, broaches the issue of change in several ways. Those imposed by aging, by working out, and by changing habits. Those who look out for themselves, but that are not always happy for others. Changes we bring to our environment, like renovations, or having something unexpected happen in a moment that brings about even more change! Jean-Michel Anctil will also examine idealization and the search for perfection... Is he a philosopher? Perhaps, but definitely funny!

Language: French

Tickets (all-in price):
Regular: $53
Member: $49
Student: $20 (Act now! Student tickets are limited.)

Venue: Harold Shenkman Hall
Genre: Comedy

May 09 at 8:00 pm