P-A Méthot - Faire le beau

Presented by: MIFO and Fromagerie St-Albert

Friday, February 14, 2020 at 8 pm

Have you seen my poster!? Beautiful eh...No Photoshop, no photo editing...Just P-A Méthot, happy to introduce my brand new show, Faire le beau. For the occasion, that's what I did: I dressed up! Nowadays, everyone is always at their best on social media, displaying their best pictures and the best side of their life; We quickly all get caught up in the game. That's when we start doing weird things like embellishing our resume, bragging about wine or yoga benefits, and telling anyone who wants to hear that we're eating vegan or that we are into Crossfit. All of that for what? Faire le beau…

Well, my friends, I for one do not care about all this!

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Event is 16 years old and up


Ages: All ages
Language: French

Tickets (all-in price):
Regular: $52
Member: $48
Student: $21.25 (Act now! Student tickets are limited.)

Venue: Harold Shenkman Hall
Genre: Comedy

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February 14 at 8:00 pm