Yeshe Trio presents “Woven” opening act: Diane Nalini Trio

Presented by: Le Tourneur de l’Anse

Friday, April 28, 2017 at 7:30 pm

After a five-year break, authentic world musician Yeshe, from Australia, will be performing songs from his newly-released album Woven on Friday, April 28, at 7:30 p.m.

With delightful opener Diane Nalini Trio.

An authentic world musician, German-born Yeshe wandered all over the globe before settling in Australia. His travels brought him to Europe, Africa, Asia—and Quebec, which has held a special place in his heart since his first trip to the province in 2003, as a musical sidekick to the great Henry Manx. Yeshe will launch his five-song EP Woven, his most personal release to date, on March 3. “I have finally found my voice, my sound,” he says, beaming. “It really speaks to who I am as a musician, and the lyrics are very dear to me—they come from a deep place.” Woven is a musical oasis that comforts the soul and delivers welcome sanctuary in these uncertain times.

A man of many talents, Yeshe learned guitar, cello and drums before taking on traditional African instruments, such as the m’bira and n’goni, which he wields quite masterfully today. Yeshe will play songs off Woven while he is in Quebec, as well as pieces from his first two albums, World Citizen (2005) and Roots & Wings (2010), the latter of which features his splendid cover of Zachary Richard’s classic “La ballade de Jean Batailleur.”

“Writing a song is like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the sea. You hope it will wash up on a warm beach, but you never know. When someone covers a song, the composer is always flattered and pleased when the rendition does it justice. I discovered Yeshe when he covered ‘La ballade de Jean Batailleur.’ He has everything I look for musically. His story is even more surprising than mine: an American singing in French in Quebec. His path from Germany to Australia is surprising in itself. Add Africa to the mix and you end up with the exact sort of cross-fertilization I find truly fascinating. Like Yeshe, I am a huge fan of African music. And now I’m a big fan of Yeshe.” (Zachary Richard)

Jazz singer/songwriter and composer Diane Nalini offers a line-up containing new original songs and haunting standards. Accompanied by some of the most talented musicians in the business, the singer paints her audience a landscape scattered with passion, poetry, sadness and budding affection.

With four albums under her belt, renowned performer Nalini writes and sings in four languages. She has appeared at jazz festivals around the world, and gala performances for President Bill Clinton and Sir Paul McCartney. She was a finalist at the Grand Prix de Jazz General Motors at the 2002 Montreal International Jazz Festival and was one of two finalists for the UK’s Young Jazz Vocalist of the Year in 2001. Her music has appeared in independent films and on television. Her song “L’amour d’autrefois,” which she co-wrote with British composer and arranger Dick Walter, was featured on the soundtrack of Hollywood production Charlotte Gray, starring Cate Blanchett.

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Ages: All ages
Language: French, English

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Venue: Richcraft Theatre
Genre: Music

April 28 at 7:30 pm