“The Lesson” Movie Screening

Presented by: Bulgarian Arts Festival

Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 6:00 pm

“The Lesson" by Kristina Grozdeva and Peter Vulchanov is the first part of a film trilogy intended to capture the condition of the Bulgarian society and “dissect” the modern conventional person. The first part, “ The Lesson” will come out on screen in Bulgaria in 2015.  Set up on an actual case, it presents the story of Nadejda, an honest, hard-working schoolteacher in a small Bulgarian town. Placed in an emergency situation, she is slowly and inexorably driven to the edge.

Directed and written by Kristina Grozeva and  Petar Valchanov.
Camera: Krum Rodriguez

  • Margita Gosheva
  • Ivan Barnev (main character in the internationally acclaimed movie I Served the King of England (2007))
  • Ivan Savov
  • Stefan Denolyubov
  • Ivanka Bratoeva

Sponsored by:
SAC - BAF 2015 - Sponsor - Ottawa Flowers

Ages: All ages
Language: English, Bulgarian

Tickets (All-in price):
Regular: $10
Combo including Ani Gogova piano recital at 8 pm: $22.50

Tickets (plus administrative costs):
$50 All "OPEN WORLDS" Bulgarian Arts Festival Shenkman Arts Centre events pass (April 2015)

Venue: Richcraft Theatre
Genre: Film

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April 25 at 6:00 pm